Technical Diploma Program(One Year I.T.I. Diploma Courses)

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

a) Basics of Mechanical Engineering
b) Engineering Mechanics
c) Theory of Machines
d) Applied Thermodynamics
e) Strength of Materials

Diploma in Electronics Engineering

a) Basic Electronics
b) Elements of Electronics Engineering
c) Electronic Devices & Circuits
d) Digital Integrated Circuits
e) Signals & Systems

Diploma in Electrical Engineering

a) Basic Electronics
b) Elements of Electrical Engineering
c) Digital Signal Processing
d) Electronic Instrumentation
e) Digital & Analogue Techniques

Diploma in Civil Engineering

a) Basic Civil Engineering
b) Surveying
c) Theory of Structures
d) Mechanics of Materials
e) Building Construction

Diploma in Chemical Engineering

a) Introduction to Chemical Engg.
b) Thermodynamics of Chem. Engg.
c) Strength of Materials
d) Mass & Heat Transfer
e) Bio Chemical Engineering
f) Instrumentation & Control

Diploma in Information Technology

a) Foundation of Information Tech.
b) Data Structures & Algorithms
c) Operating Systems
d) Network & Systems
e) Database Management

Diploma in Surveying

1. Elements of Management
2. Fundamental Principle of Surveying
3. Measurement of Distance
4. Compass and Chain Traversing
5. Theodolite and Theodalite Traversing

Diploma In Financial Management

a) Elements Of Management
b) Management Accounting
c) Indian Financial System
d) Financial Management

Diploma In Production Management

a) Elements Of Management
b) Organization Behavior
c) Production Management
d) Quantitative Technique-1

Diploma in Polymer

1. Introduction To Polymer Science.
2. Polymer Chemistry
3. Unit Operation In Chemical Engineering
4. Mould & Die Designing

Diploma in Fire & Safety

• Elements of Management
• Environmental & industrial safety
• Fire & safety
• Industrial fire & safety
• Fire service organization and management

Diploma In Industrial Safety

a) Elements Of Management
b) Environment & Industrial Safety
c) Industrial Safety-1 (Health & Safety)
d) Industrial Safety-11 (Engg.& Management)

Diploma In Research & Development

a) Elements Of Management
b) Organization Behavior
c) Research Methodology
d) Marketing Research

Diploma in Mining

• Mining geology
• Mining & processing of dimensional stone
• Mining hazard’s of safety
• Mining machinery

Diploma in Welding

• General introduction to welding technology
• Joining processes for ceramics and composited
• Other welding processes ( laser, electron beam, plasma )
• Power sources for arc welding
• Heat treatment
• Test material’s ( repair welding, quality control during manufacturing)

Diploma in Fitter

• Spring Caliper’s
• Hacksaw Blades
• Vernier Depth Gauges
• Twist Drills
• Surface Plates
• Thickness of sheet & diameter’s of wire

Diploma in Automobile

• Basics of petrol & diesel engines
• Basic electricity and electronics
• Microprocessor & computer skill
• Transmission, suspension, sterring system’s & braker’s

Diploma In International Business

a) Elements Of Management
b) Export Marketing
c) International Marketing Management
d) International Economics & Foreign Trade

Diploma In International Marketing Management

a) Elements Of Management
b) Guidance & Counseling
c) Teaching Learning Transaction
d) Education For National Development

Diploma in Diesel Mechanic

• Diesel mechanic
• Diesel engine
• Workshop calculation, science and drawing

Diploma in Dairy

• Role of dairy animals in Indian farming
• Principles & design of animal housing
• Economic characters of dairy animals
• Grading and testing of milk for quality
• Functioning of chilling centers

Information technology

• Foundation of information technology
• Data structures & algorithms
• Operating systems
• Web technology

Diploma in Welder Cum Fabricator

• Welder
• Workshop calculations and drawing
• Welding joint
• Fabrication work

Diploma in Mechanical

• Basics of mechanical engg.
• Machine design
• Thermal engg
• Hydraulics

Diploma in Chartered finance planner (CFP)

• Principles of accounting
• Cost & management accountancy
• Audit management
• Corporate finance & laws
• Take over & merger
• Financial organization management
• Banking and investment
• International finance management
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