Any organization operating in the service offering and service generating arena has so many constraints on its operation. As such, the organization is well justified in having insistence on privacy. It is well understood that while availing the service, the patrons will be very enthusiastic to know about all the facets of the parameters which are operating in a complex mix. All the same, our students would definitely like to submit to our view that there are many pieces of information, data links and personal information etc which obviously demand protection and as such the need for privacy for the data. The organization has to follow certain guidelines. Accordingly, there are certain written and unwritten rules to follow, the process of service, the spirit of servitude, the urge to operate in a flexible environment (which is also controlled by certain commands, compulsions etc) will give rise to expectations on the part of students or would be students. The website in such a situation, has to be very much utilitarian, result oriented, informative and yet careful not to divulge any information which must be kept confidential. In spite of all design and development, there are certain parameters, data components which are obviously needed most for communication; most open most general and as such, can easily be shared.

Other parameters, facets and data as discussed above require protection from prying personalities possessing possibly paralegal (or could be illegal) points to ponder. All this calls for privacy.

All said and done, privacy policy of IITMS will relate as well as emphasis how IITMS uses and protects all fragments of information which IITMS gets to posses by way of interaction with its students.

IITMS is conscious and so values your right to privacy and as such ensures that your privacy will be protected. Any information sought by AIIMES for this website will be fully protected as per rules and laws of the land.

In case IITMS decides to effect change in this policy it will be disclosed in this page. Please keep in touch with this page. It would be useful to you. This policy is effective as of now i.e. ……………………..(date)

IITMS would like to inform the users that it would like to collect general information about them like Name, title of your job Your contact info like email Demographic info like post code, preference and interests etc

Please rest assured that this information provided by you will be used only for bettering service provided to you by IITMS.

IITMS could periodically send promotional e-mails to you along with interesting information about IITMS, News items of its development which may interest you to bring about development and furtherance of your career.

IITMS may contact you by email, phone, and fax in order to customize website as per your requirement.


IITMS values your right to security. It is your security. It is your privilege and in all possible manners, IITMS will ensure the same. IITMS will see to it that unauthorized access or disclosure will be stopped by putting suitable physical, electronic as well as managerial procedures to safeguard and secure your information which is on line.

IITMS analyses how and where interests of our website users are. Accordingly it makes tailor made changes in composition, design and contents of the website. The information about the use made by our users is helpful for IITMS for statistical analysis.

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