Role in Student’s Career

Become aware of the contemporary as well as evolving business environment not only from a perspective of data and information but also from a perspective of self, group and third party analysis.

Develop and improve upon functional skills (e.g. leadership, supervision) with a view to effectively applying concepts to context and arriving at real-world solutions to real-world problems.

Provide a road-map to individuals to continually move up the value chain – from individual contributor to team player to manager to leader and finally to entrepreneur.

To train the participants on how to identify new and existing opportunities in the area of business and explore them.



Our object oriented programs gives our students an ability to address applied problems and market cases using quantitative and qualitative methods.

The IIME management programs are more flexible, more innovative and much less expensive than the traditional, old pattern and long term programs of other Institutions.

Our program challenges our participants to be innovative in their thinking, encourages them to re-examine management practices, consider new and creative solutions to problems and take initiative in implementing change.

Self learning is motivated and appreciated during the course work. One text book is not sufficient to meet all requirements.

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